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where and when you want it.

Looks like Real Money Gaming - but isn't.

Now you can offer mobile gaming anywhere - bought from your bingo hall or lottery outlet.  

Games to Go Ltd offers a mobile gaming product designed to work in fully regulated markets where gaming is allowed in licensed premises but not over the internet.  Our product gives players the feeling of live real-money gambling on their tablets or cellphones without any risk of  illegal online gameplay.


How does this work?  


  • Potential players visit a licensed bingo hall or other premises where bingo is permitted to be played.


  • Using the GamesToGo app, players choose the denominations, values and titles of games they wish to play. They commit to this purchase and the app shows a bar code.


  • Players then go to the cashier and present the bar code to the cashier who scans it. The player pays for the games he has just bought.  The cashier verifies the payment and the games are all played instantly on the game server whilst the player is on the premises.

  • The results of the games can then be downloaded at any time onto the players device through the app. The player can now leave the premises as no further game play is possible.

  • The player can reveal the results of the games one at a time by pressing the PLAY button.  He has the impression he is playing in real time but he is not, he is simply revealing the results. As such, he can do this anywhere without playing illegally.

  • The player goes back to the bingo hall or licensed premises to cash out his winnings and buy more chances.

The net result is that the player gets the full satisfaction of playing games on his mobile device whenever and wherever he wishes.  He is also incentivised to make extra purchases when he visiting a bingo hall that he can play later, and to go back to the venue when he wants to claim his prizes.


Where legislation allows, these games can be based on lottery, random number games or bingo, and the ‘reveal’ mechanism can be scratch cards, bingo play or casino games.  


GamesToGo works very closely with clients and local regulatory and compliance professionals to ensure that the game design, play process and payment processing adheres completely to local regulations. As we own 100% of the IP, game server and application codebase we can change any component of the system or reporting structure as may be required for compliance.


Our games will be designed to appeal to local tastes and can incorporate colors, logos and themes to suit the market, special events and specific audiences.     


Our development team have been closely involved in bingo, lottery and gaming in the USA and Latin America for many years.  Our directors were an integral part to the development of Class II gaming in the United States and have a deep understanding of the legal application of gaming technology in this market.


Personalized to you and your market

We create the apps and server setup to suit you market and regulatory environnment

Keep your players

All purchase and payout activity has to occur on your premises so customers keep coming back 

Online Support

Our technical support is there to back you up and to add in any personalization you may need.

Top Security

All transactions take place on your property so security of data and cash is as safe as can be. 

With a catalog of nearly 70 slot games and dozens of instant-win games, roulette, blackjack, keno and other games available right now you have plenty of choice for your gaming site, and if that's not enough we can provide bespoke games with your branding, color schemes and even custom game mechanics on request.  

Your players get the full online gaming experience

Although the patented GamesToGo technology ensures that all actual gaming and cash transactions take place in your licensed premises where they are completely legal and secure, our user experience let's players feel like they are gaming on their mobile devices in real time. 

"Reveal mechanisms" - not live games

As we are simply revealing the results of a pre-determined game, we can make the 'game' any format you choose, such as slots, scratch-cards, roulette, blackjack or any other game format you can think of.  We can set the buying formats to allow players to buy either specific games (a slot title) or game types such as "$1 slots".

We take great care to audit the whole process to ensure that all offers made on the site work within local laws and appeal to your own customers and market. 


Games - To Go!

40 years of playing around..

As a team we have been involved in the gaming business for nearly 40 years.  From lotteries, slot machines, online casino (both real-money and social), skill games, fantasy sports and many other trends both short-lived and classics of the industry, we have watched (and been part of) almost every innovation in the gaming world.


One thing we know, the pace of development only gets faster, and the appetite for the next big thing only gets stronger.  As a company we are involved in many areas of games and content provision. Our clients are all around the globe and our interest ad passion for the business is as 


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